This city is dangerous! See you @marqueelv DayClub today 2-5p and tonight @taolasvegas #DoubleTrouble 🎲🎲 (at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

Last night @surrendervegas my man @thejavierchavez came thru with a custom Vice dunk! I got the best fans ever!! Thank YOU! (at Las Vegas Airport, NV)

I got options for tonight….see you @surrendervegas for the @crsvr sneaker party! #crsvr #allworn #notds (at Surrender, Las Vegas)

Took the crew with me to Detroit tonight!! #UnitedNations (at Sabrage)

I Love ________❤️⬅️ (at 🍕&Tacos)

Kicks in the club… filter! (at Hyde Sunset)

Standing Strong! 👟 (at Commissary Coffee+Bakery)


Have a great weekend, Tumblr. 

When I drag my boyfriend to something I really want to do but he has absolutely no interest in doing



Me trying to fix my boyfriend’s hair before we go out



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