Kicks in the club… filter! (at Hyde Sunset)

Standing Strong! 👟 (at Commissary Coffee+Bakery)


Have a great weekend, Tumblr. 

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When I drag my boyfriend to something I really want to do but he has absolutely no interest in doing



Me trying to fix my boyfriend’s hair before we go out




That’s not a PJ…this is a PJ! ✈️ Headed to #WhateverUSA 🍻 check out the hashtag and see the madness I’m about to jump into! #budlight (at Mile High City)

Big thanks to @clonger3 over at @asicsarchive for changing the game up on me! #CRSVR

"Poison, deadly, movin it slow
Lookin for a mellow fellow like DeVoe”
Studio nights with the legend @bigrondevoe working on some fresh new sounds!! 🎶 (at East L.A.)

"This is my life homie you decided yours" Kanye West #runcrsvr #nyc #passionhasnofinishline (at Times Square NYC)

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